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Continuing sustainability campaigns at STOU

Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University has carried out continuing campaigns to raise sustainability awareness and to promote a green campus and sustainable university. Among them were the upcycling and recycling of discarded lotteries and UHT cartons.

On 13 November 2023, Asst. Prof. Dr. Gan Chanyawudhiwan, Acting Vice-President for Academic Services, Cultural Preservation and International Affairs, led the team to make donations of discarded lotteries and UHT cartons that were donated to the concerned organizations.

The 3rd donation of discarded lotteries was made to Wat Huai Mu Home for Children with Special Needs in Ratchaburi. Phra Chandra Sirakorn, Abbot of Wat Huai Mu, accepted the donation. There are approximately 50 children under the care of Wat Huai Mu. They will use the donated lotteries to create craft works for sale: flowers, decorative wreaths, fans, and kratong. The income from the sale will be used for the execution of Wat Huai Mu Home for Children with Special Needs.

This year, the university started a new campaign on UHT carton separation. The staff and students eagerly responded to the campaign and delivered used UHT cartons to STOU Headquarters. The donation was made on the same day to Eco Friendly Thai Company Limited in Banpong, Ratchaburi.

The cartons will enter a proper recycling method. The multiple layers of different materials will be separated after the paper layer is roughly pulped. The separated materials will be processed and reused for maximum benefit. The combination of plastic and foil or paper pulp produces eco-block and eco-plastic wood. They also produce finished products like student desks and chair sets, which will be donated to the Rajaprajanugroh Foundation Under Royal Patronage. The recycled paper productions include recycled paper boxes, tissue paper, and plain A4 paper, which are donated to the School for the Blinds.

On this occasion, the university and Eco Friendly Thai discussed cooperative measures for sustainability projects in promoting and supporting learning management and research and development on value-added waste management to reach international standards. STOU hopes to be a part of a positive change that inspires our community to work towards sustainable goals together.