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STOU celebrates Thai New Year

11 April 2023 – Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University (STOU) held its annual celebration of the Thai New Year or Songkran in the theme of ‘Happy Songkran like a Northern soul’ at the main campus in Nonthaburi. Prof. Dr. Wichit Srisa-an, Chairman of the University Council, joined the party to give blessings to the participants.

STOU pays attention to the continuation of the country’s valuable traditions and cultures. Each year’s cultural events would be themed according to the Kathina Robe Ceremony’s location, promoting the diverse culture within Thailand. This year, we celebrate all events in the Northern culture of Lanna theme as the Kathina Robe Ceremony is scheduled to take place in Payao, a province in Northern Thailand.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Manit Jumpa, Distinguished Member of the University Council and Acting President of STOU presided over the opening ceremony. The main event is the pouring of water on the hands of revered elders and asking for a blessing. As Lanna way, participants present elders with Sompoi water. The elders, then, use Sompoi water to stroke the head of the participants and give blessings.

Another main activity held was Song Nam Phra, where participants poured traditional perfume, Nam Ob, scented water onto Buddha images and the late King Rama VII image. There were also cultural shows of traditional Lanna dances from Dhonburi Rajabhat University, a Lanna lantern-making activity, and a cooking demonstration of Northern Thai dishes. Moreover, many departments prepared various kinds of food and drinks to share with the participants.

Thais celebrate the Thai New Year Festival of Songkran during 13-15 April and generally return to their hometown for family reunion during these extended public holidays.