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Handong Global University shares distance education experience with STOU

5 October 2023 – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gan Chanyawudhiwan, Acting Vice-President for Academic Services, Cultural Preservation and International Affairs of STOU welcomed Dr. Jinwon Ahn, Professor and Executive Director of Handong Institute for International Development Cooperation, Dr. Hyunmo Sung, Professor from Handong Global University, Ms. Eunhye Lee, and Ms. Seona Jo, researchers of Handong Institute for International Development Cooperation. The representatives from the two universities shared experiences regarding Handong Global University’s UNESCO UNITWIN Projects, STOU’s education and management methods employed to pass through challenges, separations and difficulties caused by COVID-19, and also discussed possible future collaboration between STOU and HGU.

Dr. Gan made welcome remarks stating that it was a good opportunity for the two institutions to exchange knowledge and strengthen relations as both are members of the UNESCO UNITWIN cooperation framework.

Prof. Ahn spoke of encouraging new generations to realize the importance of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and presented various innovations in HGU’s distance learning.

Dr. Sung introduced HGU’s MicroLearnable, a platform which supports distance learning worldwide. It is designed to be used with low-spec computers, making distance learning accessible to people in developing countries as well. Currently, there are a number of students taking courses in producing mobile applications through MicroLearnable from 11 universities in 6 countries. Moreover, Asst. Prof. Dr. Pantipa Amornrit and Dr. Patthanan Bootchuy from the Office of Educational Technology, Asst. Prof. Dr. Kunchon Jeotee from the Office of Registration, Records and Evaluation, and Mrs. Rattip Phukkeson, Acting Director of International Affairs, joined the meeting and discussed learning and examination management during the COVID-19 outbreak at STOU.